Monday, August 31, 2009



candle holder
made of Copper and Brass wires
by stick men made of copper wires 2005


ICND Independent cinema network distribution 2007

Flayer for an Origami lecture at alex university Fine Art faculty
"it was a lecture only for students so it wasn't formal"


graduation project :2006

"a Spot on the artistic point"

In a proposal of the renovation of the Alexandria's eastern harbor it's suggested to keep the original planning grid and to preserve the existing buildings , but to create some new projects with larger scales , a bigger land division is required , so we suggest to renovate the existing buildings

and to make a link –or a hidden link – between the chosen areas ,to handle with the project's scale

grade : v. good

Architecture & Sustainablaty 2006

The building was designed in an environmental way to follow the way of a sustanable architacture .
was built by the workshop members.

Reuse your desktop 2004

A member of Voice group 2003 to 2005

an exhibition "Tasmeem Doha"
theme was about how to use sustainabilty in ur daily life

UIA competition

2003 UIA - International Union of Architects competition

" Celebration of Cities" the UIA competition"

A new design was created to help the hucksters in our city "Alexandria" to be safe with no problems with the government .

Thank you !!!